Why you should Date a Cougar

date a cougarCougar dating is one of the fastest growing dating types in the world. This relationship is made up of mature women over 35 years old and younger men. In this relationship, cougars like dating with men younger than themselves, and these young men also enjoy the dating with older women. In the past life, men are generally dating with younger women than their own. But with the progress of society and the opening of people’s minds, there have been more and more older women younger men dating. And, sometimes we will hear such a proposal, why not try to date a cougar? Therefore, why you should date a cougar?

1. Cougar women are very mature

Because cougars are women over the age of 35, they are mature in both physical and psychological. They always know what they like, what they do not like and what they want. Moreover, they can directly express their own needs, not as childish as young women who always need men to guess their ideas. And it’s an easier thing to date cougars than young women.

2. Cougars have rich experiences

Cougar women are usually married women. But some of them have been divorced. They often go through many things in their lives, so they have rich experiences and useful skills. Part of the single cougars will go to bars to have a drink and look for something interesting after handling the housework. Part of the successful cougar women can help younger men learn useful life skills, or give them some financial support. But in what respect, young guys can learn a lot of useful things from cougar women.

3. Cougar women have beautiful appearances

Although cougar women are more mature women, this does not mean they have old-fashioned appearances. Cougars are called cougars because they are like a beautiful but dangerous puma which is attractive to men. All cougar women have a set of their own maintenance secrets. They know how to maintain the skin, how to keep the body shape and how to wear fashioned. They have a positive attitude towards life, and they will not let the time defeat them. This positive attitude will also affect the people around them.

Therefore, why you should date a cougar? Above three points are the most important reasons.