What is a Cougar?

cougarAs we all know, cougar is a large wild cat in America, and it also commonly known as puma, or mountain lion. Then people will ask, is cougar a wild cat? Why do I want to date it? This is why we write this article.

Cougar women ≠ Wild cat

The cougar we mentioned is an older woman who is looking for sexual relationship with a younger guy. Why do we call her a cougar but not using other words? That is because they are a group of women who are experienced and treat young guys as their prey.

Normally, they are mature women who are thirty five years old or above. But today, some girls who are at their twenty’s still want others to call them cougars. So we will define older women who are seeking relationship with younger men are cougar women. Here is another issue, are there so many younger guys want to date them? The answer is yes. We know that people think women should date or marry to older men before. But the society and people’s mind is developing. Older women dating younger men relationship has been accepted and become more and more popular and normal today.

Cougar women are experienced in life

Some of them have kids, and some of them do not. But whether they have kids does not affect their social life. Most of them take good care of their body and skin. They do not think they are old women. With the hot appearance and self confidence, they are attractive to most of younger guys. They can deal with thinks well, and can teach lots of useful skills to younger guys. That’s why younger men are more willing to date a older woman than a girl. So if you are interested in cougar dating, you can read the reviews of the top ten related dating sites on this website and start your older women dating journey.