Tips for Hot Cougars: How to Take a Sexy Selfie?

hot cougarsSo, you are registering on a cougar dating app. Want to put your perfect profile picture? Want to rule the mind of cubs with your sexy look? Gladly, we are going to talk about tips for hot cougars in this blog. So, stay tuned!

Well, putting your perfect face forward is extremely necessary if you want more choices. According to our experience, the women who put the right profile pictures have 60% more chances to grab the attention of young guys. Therefore, are you ready to know how to get that perfect selfie? Here we go to the tips for hot cougars.

Consider Location

Whether taking an indoor selfie or outdoor photo shoot, always keep the background into consideration. It should not hinder the user’s attention onto you. Rather, it should be so significant that it adds values to your selfie. For example, if you are taking a morning selfie, make sure the background space is cleaned and well-organized. This will increase the chances of cubs watching just you in the picture.

Take a Casual Picture

A picture taken while doing make hot cougars sexier. Therefore, dress up in your best attire, wear your confidence and pose as if you are just doing your daily chore. Your attitude that picture reveals at that moment is what will act as a catalyst for attracting guys.

Choose the Angle wisely

The best way to take the perfect selfie photo is to consider the angle you choose. When you consider the angle of picture click, the amount of light falling on your body and other such associated things, you can get a captivating picture. For example, a change in angle can make you look slim and strong. Therefore, experiment with the angles and come up with the best picture for cougar dating app.

Go for Filters

Admit or not, filters are the best friends of all hot cougars. By trying different color shades, gradient effect and editing features, you can easily get a picture that is flawless and gorgeous. So, think about it.

Bonus: See What You Share

Many people share their nude pictures to unknown people on cougar dating app. This can be risky. The outcomes can be devasting. Therefore, pay attention to which photo you share publicly as your profile picture and which one you secretly send to your perfect man.

Taking the perfect sexy picture and setting up it as your profile picture is quite tricky. However, by considering these points, you can add the most flaunting picture of yours. And become the queen of cougar dating app you are using.