Things that Cougars Want Cubs to Know

seek a cougarWhen dating cougars, young men at times make some mistakes that can be prevented. Cougar dating online is not that tough; but you just need to be cool and yourself always. Trying weird things and being childish can turn your partner off.

So if you are going to seek a cougar, here are some things that you need to know:

1. Strong Women Can Also be Vulnerable

Yes, she is a grown up lady. And even though you are impressed with her strength, confidence and independence, just know that they too are humans. They too break down and feel bad. They too have struggles. If she does mistakes, let them guide you to be better. But other than this, be with her when she is in a bad place. Before you go to seek a cougar, remember that they too are females who need a shoulder at times. Each person in the world needs someone to support them emotionally. So be ready for this before you begin cougar dating online.

2. Don’t Be Overprotective

We did say that support her emotionally, but do not be overprotective. A cougar is no more a little girl. So there is no need to save them or protect them. In fact, if you are getting into cougar dating online, you need to know that cougars have almost everything figured out in their lives. Avoid giving advice and trying to get to be a bigger man. They do not like it. They had their share of older men do that for them. Be smart and let her lead the way. You are better off that way.

3. They Understand that You Don’t Know All the Answers

Some of you young men seek a cougar and begin dating them. And while you do this, you forget that they are older than you. These women have grown with experience and know a lot more than you do. Therefore, if you try to be smart and act as though you know everything, it will put them off. They know that you know nothing.

And making mistakes is a part of growing up. Instead, learn about everything you want from her and her mistakes. Do not act over-smart on anything. You look like kids then and it is very unattractive.

4. Stop Fetishizing Cougars

If you are about to enter cougar dating online, you should be ready to take the relationship serious. Do not fetishize the cougars. They are not looking for another child in their lives. In fact, they want men who are confident, independent, and have the energy to make them feel loved and wanted. All they want is their needs fulfilled.


In the end, all we want you to know is that if you are out to seek a cougar, keep in mind these points. These women are looking for a relationship they can rely on and not a joke. And if you are looking for serious cougars, cougars dating can help you. Find out more & happy dating!