4 Reasons Why Older Cougars and Younger Men Enjoy Longer Relationships

older cougarsHave you ever noticed that the relationships between older cougars and younger men last for longer? It might sound strange since people link the cougar dating with sex and temporary attachment. However, this is not so.

The cougar dating relationships last for longer periods than normal relationships due to the following four reasons:

Older cougars are Experienced

Whether you call it life or relationship, older women have more experience than you. They know how to tackle each situation. That implies they do not cry and make the shit out of random, silly things. They understand every situation and act with wisdom. They help you better deal with every situation with the best of their knowledge, making the dating longer than they could have imagined.

Older cougars are Financially Strong

Cougars are not just beautiful; they are the next financial banks. They can assist you in finance, in case you are facing a shortage of money or are unemployed. They won’t expect you to pay all the bills, making the relationship one-sided efforts. They share the moments as well as bills.

Moreover, they help you to understand how to invest your money for better and long-term results. This, as a whole, makes the guys stay committed to older women for years.

Older Cougars are Realistic, Rational and Pragmatic

The cougars looking for young men are more realistic than younger girls. They do not live in the illusions and expect their spouse or partner to do something ‘completely insane’ for them. They know the harsh truth of life and so prefer handling things practically, rather than dramatically. This lessens the chaos and stress in their relationship, making it easier for the younger men enjoy the relationship and remain committed for longer.

Older Cougars have higher confidence than younger girls

The older women do not have low-self esteem and do not run for the attention of the guys. Even those cougars looking for younger guys wear their confidence and standard while searching for a partner. This confidence spells the magic on the younger men and makes the lady appear sexier to them. The younger men find the low-to-no reasons to find for an escape or end up the relationship. Thus, they stay in a relationship for more years than anticipated.

Therefore, the aforementioned are some of the reasons why older cougars look forward to having a relationship with younger men. What is your reason for considering this type of dating?