What Kind of Woman is Called a Mature Cougar

mature cougarMature cougar no longer have the young girl’s sentimental and shallow. And there is no naive on them. However, mature cougars have their own unique charm. We can say that the mature cougars are like a cup of wine, the man who knows the wine will like them very much, so what kind of woman is called a mature cougar?

1. Image

A person’s first impression is very crucial, especially when they first met. Mature cougars always dress more generous and not so non-mainstream. They do not deliberately dress themselves, nor wear the exposed clothes.

2. Dare to express

Two people do not always let the other person guess their psychological ideas. Immature girls always think that others will understand them and take care of them, which is a very naive idea. In many cases, most boys can’t do it. So the mature cougars know that, and they will actively express their ideas. We should know that the people who tell us their thoughts are mature.

3. Having dinner

If a girl always let the boy pay the bill, the girl is immature in love. This kind of girls doesn’t understand and care for others. Mature cougars know that they have to return their partner; this is mutual respect and understanding.

4. Habits and customs

Immature people are always addicted to online games, and they feel that games are fun and exciting. And the mature cougars know that they should improve their abilities and enjoy reading useful books or doing useful things. People who have good habits are mature, and people with too many bad habits are immature.

5. Communication

Immature people easily let others have nothing to say in conversation. They only consider their own pleasure and ignore others’ feelings. Such people are childish and their behaviors are the most immature performances. Mature cougars can listen more and offer their suggestions if others need.

6. Be spoiled

If one of the parties in love prefers to be spoiled, it shows that she is not strong enough. Most of them do not have independent living ability and cannot afford loneliness. They always want the care and concern of another person. And mature cougars know that they should leave space and time to others. Mature women generally do not spoiled, because they are more accustomed to rely on their own, which is why more mature women are more tired. Therefore, we suggest that the mature cougars occasionally try immature spoiled in cougar dating, give others a little chance and also give themselves a dependency.