Dos and Don’ts to Consider While Dating Rich Cougars

cougarsHave you just registered on a cougar dating site? Planning to rule the hearts of older rich women with your charming face and picky lines? The game is not going to be so easy.

Dating a cougar is not as simple as dating a young lady. Cougars, being more experienced than you in love, life, sex, and career, are less likely to fall for your looks or flirting lines. To make them go crazy, you need a different level of emotional intelligence. You need to keep several things in your mind, such as:

1. DON’T Let Ego Ruin Your Relationship

Many guys can’t hold their ego when they find the women pay the bills instead of them. If you are also going to a date, bear in mind the prime reason behind this relationship. Don’t let ego ruin your moments and shatter your relationship. Don’t feel embarrassed for letting her pay. Instead, embrace that she chose you among all the men approached her on cougar sites.

2. DO Accept Lifestyle changes

The rich cougar would be having a different taste and lifestyle than yours. She might prefer malls and brand-new wine shops instead of being at local shops. Don’t feel belittle. Just observe and accept the change with an open mind. Take it as an opportunity to visit new places and make memories.

3. DON’T Treat Her like a Winning Trophy

No matter if she’s old or young, rich or poor – never treat your girlfriend as a prize or a material. Cougars are not arm candy. They are not a trophy to take with you and show off. So, treat her like a human, a woman in public and private.

4. DO Work upon Your Personality

To impress a cougar, you need to look mature and civilized. You need to keep your hair well-groomed and clothes ironed efficiently. You need to look the best version of yourself. Then, only you will be able to get the perks of signing up on cougar sites. But, if you are not ready to take care of your looks and body, why would she? She will also show you back and date someone more appealing.

5. DO Take the Back Seat

Unlike other relationships, cougars dominate over cubs in this dating type. If are ready to let her set all the rules of your relationship, hooked up with a cougar. Else, say goodbye to Cougar dating sites.

Implement the aforementioned tips and enjoy your time with a cougar. For more such tips and update, stay tuned!

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