Differences between Free Cougar Dating Sites and Paid Ones

free cougar dating sitesToday, with the development of technology, people spend most of their time online for socializing and dating. This has led to the rise of online dating sites. The cougar dating site is a typical example of many dating sites. It is a platform for dating mature women over 35 years old and younger men. When you search for related keywords, you can get tens of thousands of cougar dating sites in the search results. There are free and paid sites, and there are some differences between the two. Today we’re going to talk about the difference between the free cougar sites and the paid cougar dating sites:

Revenue of the website

As the name suggests, free cougar sites are absolutely free for members. When you sign up for an account, you can use all the features on the website. So how do these websites operate? Almost all the free dating sites have ads from third parties. That is, when you are using a free website, you will see ads from third parties time to time. This is the revenue source for free cougar dating sites. And for paid dating sites, members often don’t see ads from third parties, because these websites run websites by payments from members. The difference is that the subscription payments are not the same for each website. Usually, members buy longer payment cycle, they will get more discount.

Design and production of web page

In general, large free cougar dating sites have powerful databases that can attract more advertisers to get a decent income. This kind of website has very good money support in webpage making, design and maintenance. However, for small free dating sites, if you can’t control costs early in the operation, it’s easy to kill the website. For paid cougar dating sites, they must form a virtuous circle. The rationality of the website and the efficiency of the match making determine the degree of satisfaction and membership dues. And the level of the membership dues also influences the maintenance of the website operation. When the webmaster can balance all aspects, the website will develop well and rapidly.

Privacy protection

As we all know, people on dating websites will provide some personal privacy and information to websites for the better match making. But for user privacy protection, free cougar dating sites do not play well. There will be third party advertisers on the free website, and no one is sure whether they will steal the user’s privacy. And on the paid ones, webmasters always develop their own features. Paid sites are more reliable than free sites in protecting user’s privacy.

In conclusion, if you want to find a cougar woman in a safer way, joining the paid cougar dating sites will be a good choice.