How to Decide What Type of Cougar is Right for You?

local cougar datingSo you are fascinated about cougars. You wish to meet a cougar and steal the best moments of attention, care, love, pleasure, and sex from the world. You desire for getting involved with a mid-aged woman and enjoy a legendary life.

Aren’t you?

Well, there are various local cougar dating sites and platforms to fulfill your wish. However, only when you firstly have an idea of what type of cougar you want to meet and get into a relationship – something about which we will talk in this article.

1. ‘Hot-to-Trot’ Cougar

Cougars, in this category, dress up younger than their age and often more provocative. They keep their eye on younger, hip crowd to find someone interested in ‘just sex’ than a serious relationship.

For such cougars, looks doesn’t make a difference. You are just required to be flirty, young and good in bed. Above all, you must have the power to make her feel incredible sexy and desirable.

2. ‘Money with Fun’ Cougar

These types of cougars are often businesswomen or divorced and have loads of money. They won’t let you pull out your wallet out of your pocket and pay all the bills. They hate to be with someone boring, hoping to sit on a couch and binge watch all the weekends. And they crave for adventure and thus, look forward to be with someone who is energetic, adventurous, and can make her life a bit more social.

Cougars that fall in this category are also great in bed just like the ‘Hot-to-Trot Cougars’. Therefore, it is not a bad decision to meet a cougar from this category for having fun in all aspects.

3. ‘I Want Revenge’ Cougar

Women who have been cheated by their husband for younger women fall into this category. They wish to get into a relationship with a younger guy and show that they too are damn beautiful, sexy, and irresistible. Or better say, they want to prove that she can also play the same game and make her husband regret.

She will take you to all the places her husband or their friends often visit and be even wilder on bed. But all to prove that she’s worth it.

For getting into relationship with her, you have to invest some time in learning about her husband on local cougar dating sites and show that you are better than him in all aspects.

Therefore, these are the three main types of cougars you will come across on local cougar dating platforms. Choose your right and live your youth in a different way.