Dating Hot Cougars? Here’re 5 Mistakes You Should Avoid

dating hot cougarsDating hot cougars is an all-new experience. You enjoy the best of both worlds, aren’t you? In case you are not living the best moments while dating hot cougars, it might be because you are committing any of the following mistakes:

1. Focusing on Age Differences

If you are not living under the rock, you would be familiar with several men dating women older than them. It’s mainstream these days. Therefore, when you are dating an older lady, don’t let your age difference come between you. This attitude would hurt/annoy the independent, self-confident ladies. Chances are that she dumps you just after your first date. To prevent this situation, ignore the age and work on building a better relationship. Treat her just like another human and make love.

If you are so youth-obsessed culture, better deactivate your account from free cougar dating sites and hunt for someone of your age around.

2. Keeping Defensive Mode On

Another big mistake that younger guys often make is keeping their defensive mode on since the beginning. Never say, ‘I know I’m younger, but…’. Rather, say what you feel with confidence. You want to compliment her, go ahead. Unlike younger ladies, hot cougars appreciate this effort more, and would fall for you.

3. Going with Market Myths

You might have heard a lot many things about these cougars. However, let me share this – 99% of the things you heard would be false. Only 1% will be true, which you might overlook. So, don’t just go with these myths or your assumptions. Keep your mind open and read between the lines to know what exactly truth is.

4. Not Expressing Your Feelings

Just like any other relationship, cougar dating also demands expressing how you feel. If you don’t keep your feelings clear to the lady you met on free cougar dating sites, it is possible that she conclude you are not interested in her. And she sooner replaces you in her life.

So to weave a beautiful bond between you two, keep the emotions flow. Express yourself and make her feel special with your words.

5. Acting more like a friend and less like a partner

Though sex drive declines with age, this does not mean your woman won’t need some spice in your life. All hot cougars get into a relationship with a cub to keep some spark into their relationship and lives. So, be the guy she wants. Surprise her, love her passionately, and keep adding elements to spice up your lives. Don’t just be nice and friendly, go wild and romantic occasionally.