Cougar Dating Benefits More: The Physiology of Hot Cougars and Cubs is More Synchronized

hot cougarsIn a rational state, men tend to choose a younger partner usually. Those men who marry an older woman are often reluctant to fall in love with her, and then they choose to stick to love. But there are some men who are just attracted to older women. One important reason that cougar dating started is that one or both of the parties cannot find their suitable lover among contemporaries. Instead, they saw some of their favorite traits in this cougar or cub. Therefore, since it’s your favorite, you should listen to your heart and choose the one you love. This kind of cognition must be deeply buried in the hearts of both sides; otherwise it is difficult to long. Although the love combination of hot cougars and cubs is not the mainstream, but the existence is reasonable, such love does have many advantages.

1. You will have a different love experience from your contemporaries

The nature of a woman is to pursue a man with great resources, and the nature of a man is to pursue a young and beautiful woman. But cougars dating cubs is often because they love each other from the heart. Their love is beyond the external conditions, they love each other’s character, thought, values, spiritual pursuit and other internal stability. Meanwhile, a cub’s experience is less than a cougar, and there is a natural little man’s mood on him. And this will motivate the cougar’s natural mother’s feelings and she will care for the cub more. And the cougar woman’s maturity also lets the man realize that the young girl of the same age is not what he likes, and he will be more appreciative of the cougar woman.

2. It is much greater to know each other’s enthusiasm than the same age couple

Two people are likely to have different experiences of growing up because of their age. As a result, both sides are very happy to listen to the other half to describe their childhood experiences. The enthusiasm of both sides is very strong, just like touching the new things, and they are curious to explore.

3. It is more likely to learn from each other and more harmonious with each other

Cougar women are more experienced than men because they are older than men, and what men need most is experience. Therefore, in this relationship, the meanings and effects of thing that men will learn are great. And hot cougars need to learn more about new technology and new ideas from men. In a cougar dating relationships, men will expand their horizons and ideas and mature quickly under the influence of cougars; women will be younger, more active, and more vigorous than their peers under the influence of young men. The two people can learn from each other and enjoy each other, so that it is more harmonious to get along with each other.

4. The sexual life between hot cougars and cubs is higher quality

The common love story in the movie is a middle-aged man with a young woman. But that’s just a movie. In real life, it’s not a combination of biological rules. The sexual maturity of men is about 18-20 years old, and then it develops smoothly. After 30 years of age, it begins to decline, and it will become more obvious by the age of 40. The sexual maturity of a woman is much later than a man, often about 35-40 years old. And the decline of sexual maturity of a woman is basically after the menopause of about 50. From this point, cougars and cubs often has a good quality of sexual life.

Normally, people will find local cougars in bars or online cougar dating websites. Therefore, if you are interested in dating a hot cougar, these two ways will be helpful.