7 Love Skills of Rich Cougars in the Workplace

rich cougarsWho dares to stop the love skills of highly paid women in the workplace? In this society of equal gender, women also become a member of the workplace. There are more and more women in the high salary group. These rich cougars can be like a duck in the water certainly. What skills do they have in love?

Rich cougars don’t have men they can’t get

It used to be said by men: ’there’s no woman who can’t get’. For these rich cougars, they have worked so hard for so long that they can finally master their own destinies. Why do they give up when they are so happy? Therefore, a lot of highly paid women, they do find an honest man, or find a handsome young man. Other people’s comments are no longer important, as long as they are happy.

Rich cougars can say no to men when they need it; turn around when they don’t like it. They can choose the way they live, the way they dress, the way they talk. Rich cougars can be responsible for themselves and pay for themselves. Men don’t have to feel embarrassed, because these women don’t think about that at all.

Rich cougars are the controller

The man says, ‘you’re a hard nut to crack’. The rich cougars smile, but answer in their heart: ‘Since I am the controller’. High paid women think overtime is more important than dating. Nothing can change men’s work attitudes and values, as well as rich cougar women. They will never be one of the other’s choices. When this situation happens, rich cougar women will took him as one of the options immediately, and then this game is fair.

Rich cougars refuse to disclose more

Men will become lovely when they cannot get information from women, and they will not take women as possessions and reduce their interests in women. Wise women will stay calm when they are jealous. Because they know that men are often interested in other women, and that’s just one of their habits. Women also need to prove to themselves that they are still attractive to other men. In fact, the truth is: knowing new friends will let us maintain the need for old feelings, and help us to re-examine it.

High salary is the trump card for rich cougars to attract men

Making money is a kind of ability; no idiot woman can earn high salaries in the office. A woman, who can always sparkle in a conversation with a man, must make him look up and take notice. Believe me; beauty doesn’t necessarily have this ability.

The charm of ‘busyness’

Rich cougar women must be busy. They don’t have time to worry about a little thing with men. They will not call men 8 times a day to ask where they are and what they’re doing. In men’s opinions, communication with rich cougars is simpler, more direct and more effective. Many men who have been dated with rich cougars are used to this: these women are not that annoying.

‘Initiative’ becomes an art

Women over 30 who are chasing men will not be as shy as they are 20 years old. A simple look, an ambiguous pun can try to find out the others’ mind. Interesting? All right, let’s go on. No fun? It doesn’t matter. You’re still friends.

There is only love in love

A rich cougar can relax her demands for money, status and strength on a man after she falls in love. Like most men who are accomplished, love only for love.

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