4 Ways to Impress Cougar By Messaging on Free Cougar Dating Apps

free cougar dating appsSo you have installed free cougar dating apps on your smartphone. You have created a perfect profile and have connected with various cougars. Great! With this, you are all set to make your first move, i.e., message the older ladies on the apps.

But, but, but….Will they respond? How to ensure that they reply to your messages and you have a great conversation? Various guys just copy paste same messages repeatedly to all the ladies. This trick often works with younger girls, but not with beautiful cougars. Trust me, all the cougars near me agreed to the point that the older women are less likely to get impressed with pickup lines or Jurassic era’s messages. These regular messages do not work well.

Sounds stressful? Wondering how will you then get in touch with the cougars? Relax; here are some of the tricks that work for getting a reply from your lady:

1. Give a Brief Intro

You don’t need to sound like an artist or writer while introducing yourself. Just pick something common and initiate the conversation. For example, if you both love animals, you can begin discussing animals. Likewise, if you both are the foodie, discuss the food items and their recipes. This will make a room for starting a conversation that you both could show interest in, and take forward to a longer extent.

2. Focus on Your Spellings

I know you would be too busy to check the spellings. However, a grammar mistake can be a big NO. An older cougar might not be interested in entertaining someone using basic words wrong. So be careful with spelling and grammar blunders. Pay attention to each of your messages before sending it.

3. Ask about them

Again, a conversation has to be two-sided to continue lifelong. So ask them questions, but in a gentle way. Strike some interesting topic and ask for their ideas to know more about them on free cougar dating apps.

4. Don’t Sound Rude

While discussing with the cougars near me, I found that most of the conversations end without getting into a no-strings-attached relationship. And the reason behind is rude behavior.

I understand that you might not be trying to be rude. But sometimes our messages sense in the other way. So read your message before delivering. Try to be polite, without getting cheesy.

Bonus: Be Yourself

Cougars have far more experience than you. They have met more people than you. So don’t try to act like someone else. Be yourself and embrace your uniqueness. And yes, look for compatibility when you start messaging on free cougar dating apps.